Anonymous asked:

hello birb! does birb think that very special birb frien cans be REBORNB and find old friens again in second lifetimes as new important birb?? i am ver sad about probably never see special birb friends from many year ebver again :'(

Jesse Barstad art Answer:


Personal, Modde still seach the own belief figure out how waht beleive.

However, can tell the Family Tradition Belief from a Grandmother of Mod.

the Grandmother, and Other Member the famiy have say, upon loss the Loved human and not human member of friend family, they see a brib remind of the lost frien.  

Example, the Osprey birb is important for the Grandmother side of a my family.  When lost a grandfother, see osprey a flyin’ abouts.  Believe the grandfather have become this brib say “yes hello I am here” is how the story tell.  

Modde does not 100% know The Facts Of Loss, but find a comforting of this story, see a ospreys other creature and feel close again to the loved ones of have passed, aminal or humans.

this was the most beautiful thing ive ever read on this awful website

importantbirds tfw dead

Hammerfest was way too much fun.

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